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August 19, 1943     Mifflinburg Telegraph
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August 19, 1943

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~~odOlph Liebig, 830 DeGraw Avenue, God on Mount Sinai. However, our ments, to help up a sinking spirit." , N. J, have associated themselves as ra, trading and doing business under lesson for this week is not concern- Be kind to strangers, or sojourn- rm name of Huntingdon Throwing ed with these laws, but ra~her with ors. Surely, the Israelites, so lately ith the principal place of business in ugh of Mifflinburg, County of Un- the laws giwen .for regulating the [h~ -l~nna-, and will file their eertificat~ in administration of justice among the sojourners in the land of Egypt, v~l.,~ice of the Secretary of the Common- h~'th of Pennsylvania, and in the Office of hordes of Israelites wandering in the should not have needed this admon- e Prothonotary of Union County, Penna., ~he 2$th Day of Augtwt, 1943, in accord- ~iesert, and, on down through theition to kindness. However, it seems that more and more Christians to- ~Y'- ..~m~d~28, 1943,theNo.ACtg27.of A~embly, ,Apprved pges, to us. A careful reading ofday need to be reminded that hos- i KennethAttorneyA AtBidlaC~'Law, ,the scriptuffes given in connection ~Ditality is one of the Christian Mifflinburg. Penna. with this lesson will convince us'that ~races. Our homes should be kept ORPHAN:S-COURT 8X-i,~-- ,the laws prescribed for the Israelites wide open, in loing hospitality, not OF VALUABLE REAL EIBTATE AND PERSONAL PROPERTY are fundamentally sound today, only for the welboming of loved ,~ RE: ESTATE OF LEW[S FRANK- ~MENSCH, LATE OF WEST BUFFALO "Thou Shalt not take up a false ones and friends, but also for the WNSHIP UNION COUNTY. PENNS~(L- report." How familiar in times of strangers in our midst. Is your raNIA, D~CEASED. l~ae administrators of the estate of Lewis war does this w~ar1%ing sounci, rt is home, or home town, known ~s a ~tD~klln Mensch, deceased by virtue of the SO easy ~CO listen to and spread rum- "friendly" one? ~hans" Court of Union 'County, Pennsyl- ~i.a, will expose to sale for the imyment of prs which do much to break down From the "Book of the Covenant," ~nt's debts at the late resldencoeOf t~e and destroy morale. And that's ex- we 'turn to several paSsages in Gal- l ed situate in West Buffa o T nsh'p, Ilion C,~u-~,, Pennsylvania on SATUR i- ......... - actly what the false reports are de- ,atians, written by Paul, in wh'ich he :~ SEPTEMBER 11 1948, commencing 10 o'clock in the forenoon. Real Estate ~igned to do. We cannot help, in .reminds the early Christians that, ~sold et 3 o'clock in the afternoon, this connection, but add a warning in the words of the One Volume ~t No. t All that certain messuage, tenement and against gossiping. How most of usComentary, "Before Christ's coming ~ict of land situate in West Buffalo Town- do like to gossip,telling ~hings about it was the office of the Law to im- ~, Union County, Pennsylvania, bounded ,~ described as follows: Beginning at a pur acqtmintances, vchich, although j)rison men by ~ts condemnation of ~t~,e; thence by land of Robert Page, west ~sometimes true, would be best left sin until they should be set free by ,~ Derche~ to the middle of the road lead- -~ to Forest Hill" by land of Robert Page untalked abottt. i~ degrees West' 89.4 perches to a stone i believing on him. Thus the Law was ~nd of Ray Hoffman. South 89 de- ~ ............. like a stern disciplin~rian who made " degrees West 26.4 perches to a stone, US willing and eager to receive the :~nds of John C, Spetm, South two de- grace of God in the Gospel. But ~ast 23 perches .wt~h~ stone; Southe731~ ,rate -- le a word, minimum 25e ~ West 501/~ De c es to a ston ; by I,,lzal and Political rates on request, now, ~n the freedom and faith of ~. of Public Highway South 4 degre~ ~tfl8 perches to a stone: by land of James ~ "--'~ ,sonship to God, we are exempt from ?_~. North 86% degrees F~st 13 1/1o the Law's bondage and discipline. to a fallen white pine, by land of FOR SALF_,--Approxima~ly 200 mailingThrough faith we are united to Keister and Paul Keister, North 841~ tubes ranging in length from 121/~ to 24 ~rt~_ East 42 perches to a stone; South inches, le each. Miffllnburg Telegraph. ~_.~e~ East 6.3 perches to n stone; ~,~tr~ 71 defrees East 2,6 perches tea stone; ~~~b'~e ga-"~e'e' doo'~. ,C~rist and are become Gods chil- ~.~a 31~ degrees East 12 perches to a Glass in top panels. Price reasonable. In. dren, and this is symbolized by our _~alock; South 38~ degrees West 12 perch- quire Miffllnbueg Telegraph, phone 6-28'/. baptism. In ,him, distinctions of na- ~ a stone; South 81% degrees East 14 " WA~T~ ' ,tionality ~nd social condR:ion di~tp- '~'~-.m~S to a stone; South 421/~ degree~ East ~.Peeches; South 58~ degrees East 10 WANTED-10 men and 40 women to go topear: there can be neither Jew nor ~nsl to a stone; South 27~ degrees East work Tuesday morning, August 24. Apply Greek, there can be neit%er bond i,_~hes to a ootne, by land of Robert ~m, North 89x~ degrees East 7.2 perches for interview, Monday, August 23 from 1 S t stone; North 81 degrees East 7.6 perch- to 5 P. M. T. P. Hiland~ COnnery. North /lot free, there can be no male nor .~ a stone; North 69 degrees East 76 eth Street, Lewisburg, Pa. ~emale, for ye are one man i~ Christ ~nel to a stone; b~ land of Myron Crev- ~. J'eSUS." i-- ; North 2 degrees West 26.4 perches to ing room of resort hotel. Pleasant condi. i'.r~e; North 8~ d~rees ~ast 26.4 perch- the place of Beginning. Containing 63 tions. Address Box A, Eagles Mere, Pa. However, while free from the ~_~ and 19 perohes, be the ean~ more or ME-N----~~ in re- :~_" Whereon are erected a frame dwell- sort hotel. Addrees Box A, Eagles Mere, law, Christi'an liberty does n~d: r0ean ~,t~rn and outbuildntgs. Pa. _ ~that Christians may do as they All t~t2one third (l/3rd.) undivided in- ~'ANTED-We buy for ea~h and sell player please. Martin Luther declwred, "A lai~It~It~ In that certain tract of woodland slt- pianc~, band imstruments, all k/nds stoves, ~_.~ In West Buffalo Township. Union refrigerators, small victrolas, sewing ms. Christian man is ,the most free lord ~.~t~, Pennsylvania, Beginning at a past chines, small musical instruments. Call or write Meiser's Music House, Northum- of all, and subject tO noale; a C~ris- ~,mgr~ W. 42.8 perches along land of berland, phone 7-40J. ,tlan man is the most dutiful servant ,.n Zellers. thence along public road by ~m of 8. L. "Shumaker various courses and RAG'S WANTED--Must be clean, free from Df a'll, and subject to all." While ~t~..ees to a IPOSt ;thenee by lan~L of came hooks, eyes or snaps. Cannot use woolens h._a~/i degrees W. 19 ll~"rehes to a etone; or lace curtains. No small pieces. Mill.this sounds very contradictory, R is ~ee: 8. 73 1/3 degrees W. 22.7 perches to linburg Telegraph. . ; thence South 351~ degrees East 6.7 true. Liberty and ll'eense are not ~,~e~o~ a po~t; thence North 82 degre~ S~[-~ ~IffrER synomymous. "Freedom is only a ~k~.~o-~ P~rches to the p]ae~ of Re,inning. ~mming Eilht Acre, one htmdred and SATURDA'A'~, AU~ o'clock P. yn,ake-believe unless it haS a heart ~en Perches strlet measure. M,, Mrs. Anna Reed will offer at public *ale ~o~ Personal Property. at her residence, 520 Walnut ~treet, MIf~in- of love. I~ ..~ilitions of Sale--Real ~tato 20% at burg, valuable household good~ ~a mile the ~roperty is struck down, balance SATURDAY. SEPTEMBER 4 at one. o'- '~er~fore, love must be the basis' t0~erlfirmation of sale by the Orphans' clock P. M. Maeg~rot E. Bell, Executrix of Of all law and justice. In the words Personll Property--eMh. the estate of Mgry E. Strunk, will e~e at MYRON STF_,PHEN MENSGH public sale on the late premtse~ of the de- O[ our Golden Tex~t, whic~ Jesus LULU EVANGELINE HAOGY ceased, 312 Chestnut Street, MIf?llnburg, himself decimated to be the first and' Administrators of the Estate hc, usehold goods, including some antiques, tlr~, of Lewis Franklin Mensch, deceased and two-story frame dwelling hotme eoutaino ~oremost commandmen.t, or law, for L~t~E'PH A. BIDLACK, Attorney inl~' all conveniences. Insulated and he~ted man, we muSt love God w:Rh every ~r W" BOYER, Auctioneer. a~. ml furnace. ~i EXECUTOR'S NOTICE ce is hereby given that letters testa- Golden Text: "Thou shalt love the age, how much worse is it to oc-by Mrs. David Glover. ~ AUGUST 25th-- The meeting adjourned with son~; i~Wills~rY haveof Unionbeen grantedcounty.bYPennsylvania,the Register .Lord thy GOd with aH thy heart, easier harm and loss to him or any- and prayer. Delightfulrefres-- :Mrs. Herbert Grundy l~ the estate of HARRIETT S. EARN- and wi, th all ~hy soul, and with all thing he has. If we must bring b~ck n John Walter I~~nl~~, latecounty,of thepennsylvania,BOrough of deceased.Mifflinbrg'to thy ~trength, and with all thy mind; our neighbor's cattle when they go merits were served by the hostess~s E.C. Boyer I~ Undersigned and all persons having andCthy neighbor as thyself."---Luke astray, much more must we endear- and a pleasant social hour followed. Robert Irwin or demands against the estate of the I~ decedent are requested to make known 10:27. or, by prudent admonition and in- ~- - AUGUST 26th-- ~Same and all persons indebted to the Les~on Text: Exodus 25: 1-9; Betty Loudy I~ decedent to make payment without structions, to bring 'back our neigh- CARD OF THANKS I~_~ to FRANKLIN M. EARNEST. JR,. Galat-hma 3: 23-28; 5: 13-15. We wish to express our sincere Evelyn Spangler t~tOr, 900 Chestnut Street. Mifflinburg, hers themselves, when they goas- ~l~,ti~'"-ee~is hereby ........ given that Chale~der H, When~,,we think of the giving of tray in any given patch. And if thanks and appreciation to neigh- Mrs. Levi Bishop ~er, 625 Seventh Street, Hunt'ngdon. laws to t~l~e people of Israel by God, we must endeavor to help up a fail- bors and friends for their help dur- Ch,arles Cashner Lmtla., William A. I.iebig, 1102 Mifflin our minds naturally turn to the Ten ,on a~s, much more should we en-ing the fire which damaged our Margaret M. Bogenrief ~2 Huntingdon, Penna., C. Jewett Hen- Commandments given to Moses by dearer, by comforts and encourage- home. We especially wish to th~ank Mrs. Russell Walter F2.324 Penn Street. Hunctingdon, Penna., members of the Mifflinburg Fire Paul Albert Eisenhauer Company for their excellent assist- Mrs. H. S. Zimmerman ante and prompt response, Bertha Aikey Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Kltngman Guy Marlin Aikey ami family Jasper Speigelmeyer "~, FRANK P. SNYDER LEWISBUR.G, PA., R:#2 RALPH W. SHAMBACH MIDDLEBURG, PA., R: I