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September 27, 1945     Mifflinburg Telegraph
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September 27, 1945

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i:/i( ',q PAGE EIGlt~ The Mi[flinb~rg Telegraph, Ml~fltnb~rg, Pennu.. TlmrsdaT, "'" " "~'- " ...... I the present week, the Turbs playedre.]a [ " " 1 1 i P.T.A. Sponsors Ktwams Club to I ........ ,., I I! 14 game at Watsontown and are ] ir , G" r 7 f,, [ l] ported to have'outplayed the home ]Flower Show t Meet at Middleburg M I F F L I N B U R team. put coach tsteveus will have nis . . a " I ~!~I~I~-I. "--I iii II, I. / .'/ I I I ........ ] Mfffhnburg P rent-Teacher Assocta-/ An Inter-Club meeting of the Miff- I I I i i ii i ii i i i i i i I/boys geareu for tnls one and a great i tion sponsored a flower show in the ~ '" " " ""'" - *' ' "' - , , . . / / unDurg and IvnualeDurg ~iwams ~IUDS I MILTON, PENNA. l/ game ~s assureo. / high school building Thursday evening ] will be held Friday eveni;io Sentem- %1 ..... ' I :: : : II lllNlnPg S~PHS / .~th the followmfl wmners presented/ her 28 at the Maples, near Middleburg. I Tnd x7 I[ ~'qqW~'R'tV~rl~I~WD ] with ribbons by Mrs. Raymond Kena-[ 'The program will be in charcle of mere- II I III I I .... v~"2' " " " / / .................. '-" t mond, Union county exterision worker: / hers of the Mifflinburo club "~Those de- I l 'rid-- -nd ,qaturdav// The,Junior class was in char~ ofiFor centerpiece arrangements, Girl[siling to attend the meeting are asked Fri. - Sat. Sept. 28 I "" ~'~'~'J ~" "" J l/assemtny exercises Jast week. Their l Scout Troop No. 3, first prize: Mrs. [ to meet at the Mifflinburg Hotel Fri- Matinee Saturday 2 p. m, I -- l/ devotional leaders were: Donald Han- I Marian Weaver second. Mabel Ann] day evenina at 5 o'clock ' Evenings 6:45 and 9:00 I Ill~l~l~l 1[ I~I l/es, Barbara Oldt, Harold Miller, Eliz-] Glover, third. Miniature 'arrangements ] l~.~,~b a'~, ~a ,~g ro.]~r,, .,. o n I at&&l t&i&ll I~& I/cial numbersabethLaneyott eweekconss d ot andhJyce "Feasteir'teSpe'~ [ Mrs' Raymond Winter, first: Joe Brun-] show"ed'two'i'n~eresting ~notio~a~pictures I I I~tlB I l, Vlm~ll // ........ i gird, second; Mrs. John S. Purnell,/at the regular meeting of the club Mon- , ,Mariue and a typical ~merica~ I Am II~llll IlIlIP_ /I a L, onstitution Day reading oy Wil-[third. Side table arrangements, Mrs.[ day evening in the hotel The pictures I n Aill~x.l~lll~l~ I/liam Musser, guitar solos by Herman Purnell ,first; Mrs. Harry Haney, sec-/included scenes at the time of Lincoln's ',ll I ~ ' I~ 1 I _ ____~1 Englehart and a skit by a group con-fond and third. I Gettysburg Address and the story of h I THE SHO W OF SHOW~ I/sisting of George Klose, Robert Hack-I A vegetable display was also fed-[our country's flag A UyI a hal I . ,~ ..... Id enberg, Donald Haney, William Muss-Itured during the evening with ribbons[ L F Lvbaruer "Sr dave a renort of [ in ~ecnmcotor -- srarrmg Ifor, Eugene Beck and Thomas McQueen. [ awarded the following: tomatoes. Phil- [ the "Youtl~ Center ~.' pool table, two- I IlIII IJ~IIIl'8~lt I/ Sophomore leaders this week havet lip Houghton, Charles Dale, Kermit/ ~ay bowling alley heatrola and coal ----Jib'lid al_!ff, llII I ~ll~l III1411~IIll~ I[ been Thomas McQueen, Sara Ilgen, I Oberlin; onions, Mrs. Harry Kather-/bin will be added to the center Thanks I -~'~ gll~lilli~gll I[and Eddie Boyer. Special numbers con- I man, Mrs. Winter, Mrs. Lena Dersham; I are also expressed to Frank Lauver for - starring ~- I 1L~.~.k.-.u 117111.'.-...**.-, I/sisted of a piano solo by Sara IlgenIsweet corn, Mrs. Harry Katherman, lfurnishing the use of a luke box the LYNN MERRICK I ;~"'~' y_":'?':'~ I/~ndneVC~lor~tt:1%ubrYrea e t tt uJmean IMps' Winter; potatoes, Mrs. Paul Gist,I revenue derived from it to be given to ROSS HUNTER I /a...,~,-.. I~/ll.-.I.~h.a~,, I/ a y, y, ! , I . winter, L~OnS raecKman: endive, I the center I , -~tUHLZ, &**~;.~auu~ I/Carol Raker, Nancy Katherman and [ Mrs. Harry Katherman, Emory Kuhns; I Edmund" Shively who has been em- I ~ II Sara Ilgen. They were accompanied hy/lima beans, Gloria Beaver, Mrs. Harry [ ployed in Baltimore Md and has re- TED DONALDSON_ I Monday - Tuesday I/Maxine Chambers. [Katherman, Mrs. Gist; carrots Harold I cently returned to IVIifflinbur- was re ........... II I SpmkterFranc~sSp~cklerNelson lm~tated as a club member ., , . ., I ,u I/NAHTILHS OFFICERS ELECTED IHass,ngcr: cabbage, Kerm,t Oberhn, I In celebration of his "last" birthday, - - FEATURE NO. 2-- I ,, - -- , I[ At a recent meeting, the members of t~:atscisS/nnickler" Mrs. Katherman; red I Frank Wood treated the club to a [ .. oor os white.. S I[ the senior class elected the following[-. , 't Oberlin,. Mrs. Winter, [piece of delicious birthday cake. I R~chard Erdley celery Mrs Harr I _ -- . . I/students to supervise the work of the I_ .' ' " Y lLadies Night will be observed on I ZANE GREY'S Shaffer peppers Roberta Re,dell man on evens c o 1 0 I b'candals I/yearbook for the present year: Editors, ] ; . ' " ; " I M day " q. O t her at 5:3 ] II I ~l/Thomas Miller and John Buyer; Busi- 1~es' Ne.v,,,n, Weaver, Bobby Gharrett, [ o'clock. Professor J. W. Yoder. autho- Herita e 0f 1-' tsy txalaalesworth strm Deans Mrs I W,,A.o~Au., TN ....A~., I lness Manager John Young" Advertis-I~a . ; g_ l o. the book, "Rosanna of the Amish" g i .......... ; " --""'~'"Y I/inn 1L~annom-~' Rht.lo~ ~hr~.r=It .... ,4 I Dersham" turnips Ronald Adams" sweet w IIs s e k r ...... ~ ....... ~ ........... ~ ............... ' ' ' ] ~ be the gue t p a e . I r nay I/ Iswiss chard, parsnips, white summerlBc WLING"'SC'HmD E"-" e serf' I I ............... I/ ............. I squash, Mrs. Katherman:cusham I .~ . ~ o'~ ~ t es Amus ent In AII'ILI~,IIL. MIIP_,LL) . xv~onuay, ~c mer ---a e em I - - I1 [ pumpkm, Bobby Gharrett,Shirley I vs Rosedale Dairy I .,-r,. r~. r -. I I The weather has held up work On lYerger; yellow pumpkin, Nelson Hiss- T es-* " O-tober 2 Huntin"don I 1nose t naeartng, II the athletic field but now that it is Iinger; cucumbers, _lean Snickler_ . de, day,. " ' "--: " I DONALD WOODS I V....., a f*g. .... ~ I I clearing work will be hurried to corn- I Followin,, the show the v ..... ut^, ~nrowtng vs. taags t~mcgs I J. uC4t,,tl~ UlI~lllIO I I , .. ' .......... I 'a ~j ....... Wednesda,, October 3 Shively'sI EVELYN VENABLE I I p/ca, on. *t *s nopea mac necessary were auctioned by Arthur Gardner, r,n ...... ~,' --" -- wor~: can ne done on the tield this lthe "roceeds of which were-qacea in ............... I RLISSELL HAYDEN -- I Fall--that will. enable the. field to be ~the ~tl~A treasury_ Mrs KenamVondand Th..ursday,rieetwingsOCtober +--Kooltex vs. { ROBERT BARRAT .......... = .... --:-------------- ready for use m the Sp.nng. Floyd Adams judged the flower dis- ~:,.;a~. n,.~.O,o. :~--~.,.on~i .... r ..... I !.II..-I ll..m.... I Field solicitors. are busy., this week plays and Glenn Z. Stevens, vocational -'k".~/'~" ......................... I tl/ilUUi /NIWl and it is hoped by the Athletic Board teacher, judged the vegetables. ., ,o ,,~ .A_ -that all will cooperate in ma~ing this The show was in charae of Mrs ~--'v,f-- I /l MIFFLINBURG, WATSONTOWN I field project a successful community Raymond Winter, chairman, assiste~i GIRL SCOUT NEWS Monday and Tmmday PLAY TIE IN OPENING GAME enterprise, by the following members of the corn- Girl Scouts of Troop 3 met at 7 30 The ot~enina aam~" cff th~ 1O4q ~ I -- ~ ,~ --- ~ mitteek Mrs. Harry Haney, Miss Flor- o'clock Friday evening, September 21, cer season was glaved-at"VCats , tg I DONALD ADAMS ence Buffington, Mrs. Thomas G. Me- at the scout room in Community Build- last Friday aftern'oon with l~-:'ihi:-ISTHDENT AT S.U. Queen. Mrs. Harry Katherman and tn~l. bur la in h . Mr. Lena Dersham ~rhe meeting opened with singing of g p y g t e home team. The game I Convocatmn exeroses formally op- i'i; .... " ..................... was verv well contPst~A h,t n~i~ho~-loninr~ ~.ho RR~h .,,o=,. =~- R,,~,,~**oh:~.r~:u lvlrs, t'am ~Jast, president ot the as- rne i'qatlonal ~ntnem rouoweo Dy me was able'to score "'T'w'~",,~'~,-~ ,~'~ [ l-r',~,~,o,~,~'~ ~'S~-',. ~,~'~ 'rl,,~'~:,~-~'" sociation, presided at a brief business flag salute. The Lord's Prayer was then were played but t'he-dead-loh'k r'emain-ling of las week in Seibert HalfChapei meet,n~, and expressed herthanks and given by the troop. Roll call was. ans, ed I st-H,h fh~ Dosr W ]'.,unrt ("~rc~we~im~q appreciation tO all WhO made me snow wereo ny names or me presidents or ;Th ................. " ........... "' a success the United States and the minutes of e MHS lineup contained many ISuuerintendent of the Sunbury Diocese . . , ' , . r.ew faces but the workew - " the last meeting were read and ap : y d in ell with l of the Methodist Church, delivering the --- "-- "~ -- ~ . ........ " t~e veterans and played in a manner I address, A reception for students and ROBERT WORKMAN proved. ~ct!wnes rot t.lae coming year that augers well for the future, faculty was held in the gymnasium that OBSERVES BIRTHDAY were suggested oy tne, gtris: , l evening. Robert Workman, music instructor ,, The meeting ClOSed with singing or TURBOTVILLE PLAYS Among the 104 freshmen who have in the Freeburg Public Schools, was The Golden.Sun . . .. , HERE TODAY I registered at Susquehanna is Donald L. guest of honor at a birthday surprise Keporter, June Rousn Street A rad party at hts home in that lace Sat The first home game of the new soc- Adams West Chestnut g - " p , - -- -- cer season will be played today (Thurs- date of Mifflinburg High School in urday evening. Mr. Workman was ~ day). Turbotville High will provide the June, he is enrolled in the liberal arts formerly music instructor in the Miff- ~ ~1 ~ 1Lq opposition .And from all reports the course majoring in chemistry. Mr. Ad- linburg schools. 1. r. II~ I% locals will have to be at their best to l ams is living in Selinsgrove with Ken- Present, in addition to the honored T"H~"TI~ ;If= 15 Sn der Street guest his wife and dad hter Marllvn win this one. On Monday evening of neth Rouch at 2 y . , " " g " , were the following: Prof. and Mrs. , .~ Friday, September 28th and ROX PHONE .... ~.~111 9r SCIENTIFICALLY AIR CONDITIONED 9r "R Today - Friday and Saturday Sept. 27-28-29 M-G-M's TECHNICOLOR SHOW! - - - starrinff - - - VAN JOHNSON and ESTHER WILLIAMS - - - in - - - "THRILL OF A ROMANCE" with FRANCES GIFFORD - HENRY TRAVERS and TOMMY DORSEY and HIS ORCHESTRA Time of Feature Sat. Matinee 1:30 -- You must be in by 2:50 to see a complete show. Evenin 3 Shows 6-7:40-9: 5 -- Feature at 6-8:05-10:10 Roxy--Fri.-Sat. Dave O'Brien in "Return of the Rangers'" Monday and Tuesday Oct. 1-2 Romance Rides The Trail of a Thousand Thrillsl JAMES CRAIG - DONNA REED - MARJORIE MAIN - - - in - - - "GENTLE ANNIE" with HENRY MORGAN - BARTON MacLANE Thomas M. Musser. Mr. and Mrs. Harry F. Haney, Mr. and Mrs, Theron Dersham, Mr. and Mrs. Warren Dief- fenderfer, son Jimmie and daughter ~"/~, Ora. Mrs. Ora Young of Mifflinburg ~[~'~ and Mr, and Mrs. Edward Pierce of Roxy--Rod Cameron-Billie Burke in "'Swing Out Sisters'" Roxy--Wed.-Thur. 2 Hits "'House of Fear" - "'Penthouse Rhythm.'" Wed.-Thurs.-Fri.-Sat. " Oct. 3-4-5-6 .- BIG DAYS "t --- Here Men Fought... At the Snap of a Garterl GEORGE RAFT - JOAN BENNETT - - - in - - - "NOB HILL" In Technicolor with VIVIAN BLAINE - PEGGY ANN GARNER Roxy--.Fri.-Sat. Buster Crabbe in "'Frontier Outlaws'" Bellefonte. CARD OF THANK~S We wish to take this means of ac- knowledging the many expressions of -Add- sympathy from our friends and neigh- Ott~I~S STARRETT'S bors. also for their acts of kindness ex- Western Thriller . , . tended to us during the illness and RIDERS OF THE BADLANDS death of our beloved father and hus- band. We also wish to thank the -Plua-- LUCKY NITE AT 9:00 various organizations and others, who . - ~5 Cull Pr~ Fr~ - - sent the beautiful floral tributes and the friends who supplied automobiles for Saturday, September 29th the funeral. The New Western Hero . . . Sincerely, Mrs. Wilbert Chambers and daughters MIFFLINBIIRG TELEGRAPH Photoengraving . Printing Designing - - Adverti*dag GLOBAL ATLAS OF ' THE WORLD AT WAR Monday and Tuesday, October I - 2 with invasion maps that cover all tOVl~ Ugl ~ MEN .-.- " - i PRICE 25c per copy , The WAR ATLAS features ur~ique '~ GLOBAL MAPS of the world. You , will find 30 regular projection full- ,, color m~ps of every part of the ' world--accurate, easy to read and --- And -- ', completely indexed, including China, ! India. East Indies, Japan, Pacific, RED RlVl~ ', Soviet Union, Australia, Philippines, V,A.**L,.L.,E~ ', British Isles. Norway. and Sweden. possible points o~ invasion. LA/~GE SCALE M:APS OF ~ileL NOl%~ ANT) S O U T H E R N I~URI4k'I~ E~PE, Germany, Italy, Mediter- _~'_~c,uat -- Plus -- zenean, Africa, Panama Canal, LUCKY NITB TUESDAY AT 9~00 South America, United States, Cg- . - $25 Cash Prizes Free - - nada, West Indies. Wednesday mad Thursday, October 3 - 4 The new INVASION MAPS OF JACK HALEY EUROPE are exciting and invalu- In his [unniest mystery picture . . . able. SCARRED SIFE -- And -. Get your GLOBAl, ATLAS NOW 6r.ORI~ J~AN'S at the . . . Latest Musical Comedy . . . MIFFLINBURG TELE61~PH I'LL REMEMBER APRIL s~n~ PEGGY ANI GARNE Plust LATEST NEWS G Wednesday and Thur~lay GOLUMSI~ PICTURES TECHNICOLOR ru,~ ~th CO RNEL WILDE NINA FOCH GEORGE OULOUIIII FINE WO VE STATIONER Y Printed with Name and Address Choice o~ 100 SINGLE 5O ENVELOPES or 5O DOUBLE 5O ENVELOPES $1.10 Orders taken at Mifflinburg