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October 29, 1942     Mifflinburg Telegraph
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October 29, 1942

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Tl~e' Mifflinburg Telegraph. Mifflinbur~, Penna., Thursday. Octo~r_~ 1942 ~: ..- -:- ---': ~---~-'~-_-- -:=~_ _[~-~--~ ....... -_~[-ivisedly, soberly, and in the fear of i social rooms of the church. Mr. and~the ' PTA Platform o a I m Im ~1 Vl | !1~ [ ~ ~ T]I~Q(~]~ [ God," cognizant of the sanctity of [ Mrs. Van B. Graham supervised --re i I_nl tiPil I ~. tJ. x-~a_~J~.~.,- ~ ithe oath taken and determined, akiplaying of games. Rosanna Cham- The National Congress f P ntb q PAI m'i Itm dtl #tJ Iw I .... ~ ....--___ ~-.--._.~..-. far as he or she is concerned, tn~t ibers and committee were in charge and Teachers believes that the fob of the decorations. Seasonable re- lowing goals must be reached if ev- L~.~:, sn~e ;ol~t:~d ~murm ~'~u,.~t THE CHI~MA~I~G~'~W ur thee"r~lt?t'~nashhPdothU: pf::t'm' e:ndSh~!el I freshments were ~ved to the group, ery child is to have the opportunity ..... FOIg-S-A-~-~'---- ] Ihternatlonal Stratify ~h~,l Lesson [ home thus established shall be found- [ ........... to live a full life, satisfying to him- , ..... ------ : -~-:-~--~-------:S-. [ for Novemoer.1, 19 2:- I ed on the Christian principles of love t IN MEMORY self and useful to his community: FOOD. SA'_E AND BAZA~R-~Iu~aaY, ~o-[ Golden Text: Let marmage oe of God and consideration for one's Mrs. Susannah Brubaker has pen-1. Good Homes: A good home is ~vl~n~rI ~un~ter trOVe atuUp~icr of the Ladies ] h~'ld in honor among all. ~eorews ] f~ llowmen. _ ned the following lines in lovingthe basic unit of value in our social Aid of the Swen~-I Church. Proceeds,[ J~:a. ,~ memory of the several friends who structure. 2. Sound Health: The power of benefit of the church. " I Lesson Text: Genesis 2: 18-24; I ~ ~ BI a have recently passed into the Eternal the nation depends upon the health ~E~-single Dwelling-, all eonven-[ Matt. 79: 3-6; John 2: 1-5. -~||~fl~V ~J[mVa~. Life: iences, newly painted, do~, .not. nets any | This is the first of a unit of four ~mm,~,~[ ~v--,,,, of its citizens. repairs, large barn, goca meatmn, near .. . 3. Safety: Children need an en- ~--..~a,, No 417 Walnut Street Miff-] interesting lessons on The Famdy. --~- -- ........... Death is the most kindly state l~nl~urg;*~a, i~rice $3.550.00. Inquire_ o.f]. "re' the. subiects being: The Chmstmn" " REFO~D ~t That God hath wrought, vironment .free from physical haz- CyrilephoneF. Middleburg.Runkle'Mid~tleburg.a~.L Penna. Vmwi, *h,~f FamilvMarriage'ThinqsChmstmnThatNutureMar MIFFLINBURG---REV" J. R. _STOUDT, Pas or That strips of all encumbrances nrd. Equalized Educational Opport- '~ "' ~ ~ --' ~" Sunday School at 9:15. Save that of thought. LOST Family Life. and Motives That Worship Service at 10:30 Thought. that goes with us tmity: The public school is an in- LOST-Leather halter and tie strap be- Strengthen Family Life. Certainly Youth Fellowship at 6:30 P.M. dispensable training ground for good tween my place and Klese's Service Sta- everyone will agree that there is a Regular meeting of the Consistory on When frail flesh is done Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock. And we have lost or won. citizen~hin ~nd should provide for tion or to Culp's Store. Paul Gast. phone need in this land of ours for a ser- Prayer meeting on Wednesday evening at exery child an opportunity to devel- 6-3364. ious consideration of each of these 7:30 This may be high and happy op to the maximum of his capacity. FOR RENT subjects and it is ~to be hoped that LAURELTON-- 5. Conservation of Human Values F'-OR R]~i~ITr--90 acre farm located in Lime- this series of lessons will prove to Worship Service at 7:30. If life's deeds have been stone Township, along State Highway from be a helpful influence on the family S. PAUL'S EVh~'-~LI(3AL~[IUitJ31t Parallel to Heaven's high purpose ~nd Natural Resources: In a world New Berlin to Penns Creek. Inquire llfe of our nation. REV. C. D. PEWTERBAUGH, PMtor And antidote to sin. beset with totalitarian ideologies the Harold W. Miller, 421 Market Street.When one learns from reliable sta- MIFFI, INBURG--- Sit thou good Monitor values of individual freedom, individ- 9:00 A. M. Sunday School in charge of Within our spirit--mind, u~l rights, and individual dignity Mifflinburg. tistics that one out of every six mar- Leon Musser, Supe.~nten4ent. You are And deal thou wise, but kind. should" be conserved; in a time of WhJq'lT~ riages in the United States ends in cordially invited to study the Word with us. world-wide destruction the censer- the divorce court, it is natural to 10:00 A. M. Morning Worship. vation of our natural resources be- 6:30 P. M. Christian Endeavor Leader, This day in Paradise with me." AIRCRAFT ~ssume that something is terribly c. D. Pewterbaugh. Subject: "ChristianIs what the Master told us comes increasingly important. wrong. Just where the trouble lies 8,~,s For World Peace". 6. Vocational Adjustment: For MECHANICS--automobile and radio retch- No evening service. We will unit~ with Death should be. anita, maintenance men, and men with me- cannot be definitely stated, but the the individual, successful vocational the other churches in a union service at the Then who would dread or shrink ehanical background and ability, to do air- general assumption is that the aT- utheran Church. TO step within the vale, adjustment means satisfaction and craft aseembly and installation work. Op- independence,and for soctety, in- erage couple gives too little thought ening~ in many fields at good rates of pay to the very important step they are PIII~__~R~ ~ And rendezvous with such a friend and overtim~ Those now working in a Who cannot, will not fail. creased stability and production. WAR INDUSTRY should not apply. Older teking, entering into marriage with MIFFLINBURG--REV"HOWARD HOPPER, Pastor 7. Constructive Leisure-Time ~hen and men not subject to draft preferred. ~he thought in the background of 9 A. M. Church School. ivities:! The wholesome Write full particulars to The Glenn L. Mar- their minds that if they cannot live I0 A. M. Worship Service. of children and youth is tin Company, Baltimore, Md. together "until death do us part," s:30 P. M. Christian Endeavor Meeting. in large measure upon the Florence Shepherd will be the leader. ~,'A~rED--Dead animals promptly removed, tlmt a judge can do the parting in Wednesday evening at 7:30 the prayer tlve Use of leisure time, anytime, anywhere. I am as near to y~u as your telephone and dialing 5-2280. a pinch, meeting will be held in the church lecture OCTOBER 30th-- 8. Civic Responsibility: The priv- p. Hilands, Lewieburg. " Alfred Newberry, in an article in room. All are welcome. Mrs. Mary Mader liege of American de- RAGS WANTED--Must be clean, free from l The Holy Cross Magazine, on this METHODIS-'-T~ Mrs. M. C. Haggy mands acceptance of its hooks, eyes or snal~. Cannot u~e woolens subject declares, in part, "If you ap- CHESTER WARREN QUIMBY, Paste! Mrs. Palmer Whitley ities. or lace curtains. No small pieces. Mill- preach the (marriage) relationship 9:s0 Church ~k~ha~l. Grace Wagner 9. Active Spiritual Faith. Religion linburg Telegraph. with the belief ~hat you can get out I0:00 Worship: Theme: "The Lord's Agnes Ulrich has a fundamental place in our Prayer, "Thy Kingdom Come". SALE I~]P_~I~'J[']~I~ of it if it becomes too hard, then 6:00 Youth Meeting. Betty Klingler erican tradition as a basic factor ill SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 7 at one o'- VOU are inviting it to become too Wednesday at 7:30 the regular WSCS Glenn Rathfon personal and social behavior. clock, P. M., Mrs. Annie Miranda Lamey, 'hard. If you have a standard of meeting. . OCTOBER 31st-- child has a right to a religious faith. will offer at public sale valuable household what you can endure; then you also Hh_RTLETON LUTIIE~AN Harold R. Kempel ]~a goods at her home, about one mile west of have a guage for testing endurabil- ROBERT R. CLARK. Pastor Bryan Strickler UNION COUNTIANS SPEAK Glen Iron in_.._Hartley Township. - ily, and that guage cannot help func- RAYS-- Mrs. Daniel Ruhl AT WELFARE CONFERENC~E LEGAL tioning. Whatever may be said out Morning worship at 9:00 A.M. James H. Bingaman, Miss Dorothy Buchan, SWENGEL-- NOTICE OF EXECUTOR ~f sympathy for bitter and unhappy Morning Worship at 10:00 A.M. NOVEMBER lst-- gist of the Laurelton State Village, IN RE: ESTATE OF A. L. GROVE, lives, let it not be forgotten that P M~week Service on Wednesday at 7:30 Marian Jean Bowersox and Myrl E. Alexander, Associate LATE OF THE BOROUGH OF MIFFLIN- .~'OU cannot play fast ~nd loose with Warden of the Federal Choir practice following this service.Donald Shaffer BURG, UNION COUNTY, PENNSYL- marriage. The man ~nd woman who "Live Wire Class" meets at Fred Shivelys Josephine Stout at Lewisburg, spoke at the VANIA, DECEASED. Letters Testamentary on the Estate of A. .re to marry should in all serious- October 30. Mrs. Ralph Peterson session of Region 7, L. GROVE, late of the Borough of Mifflin- TI~.~S do so 'reverently, discreetly, ad-Confirmation and Catechetieal classes on Arthur S. Snyder Welfare Confere'nce held in Thursday evening at 6:30~and Saturday at 10 burg, Union County, Pennsylvania, deceased. ,.iq~dly' soberly, and in the fear of A M. and 2 P.M. Mrs. Harry Heiss Thursday evening. have been granted by the Register of Wills of Union County, Pennsylvania to the un- God.' A solemn sacrament is being ~ Betty Helen McLane This Citizens' Wartime dersigned. All persons indebted to the said ~dministered, through which God is LUTIql]~----~'-'It R. Franklin Brown on Community Welfare brought t0- estate are requested to make payment, ahd offerin~ the man and woman the REV. W. M. REARICK, Pastor NOVEMBER 2nd-- gether representatives of the those having claim's to present the same without delay to ROY R GROVE.. Execu- ~r.~ce they need and require to make MIFFLINBUR~--- Church ~h~al at 9:00. Mr. Floyd Adar~, George H. Stover ican Red Cross, Child Welfare Ser- tor, 61 East Chestnut Street, Mifflinburg, ~heir marriage a success. They are sulm~'intendent, prof. Theron Dew, ham, as- Paul Daye vice, Community Welfare Groups Pa. not asked to enter upon th~s admit- sistant sux~rintendent. Forrest Ross Service Clubs, Institutions and many KI)IJ[I:N~TR~TOI~'S NO']gI(YI~. ad redly difficult relationship on their The Service at 10:00. Reformation ser- mon subject: "'Holding Fast to the Gos- NOVEMBER 3rd-- members of the lay public, all Notice i~ hereby given that letters ot " own strength, but under the bless- pel." Candac~ Oldt terested in welfare in their ministratiol~ have been granted by the Re- gister of Will~ of Union County, Pennsyl- lag of the 'Giverof allspiritual Vespers at 7:30. Mrs. Maynard M. Reitz Raymond W. Gotshall tire communities. Among those present from Unto~ vanla upon the estate of Owen W. Steese, Grace'." is the guest speaker. __ Mary Shemory late of Mifflinburg, Union County. Pennsy} The Women's ~ia~iormry soeie~ ~llll vania, deceased, to the undersigned, and all What does the Biblehave to say meet on Friday evening, October 30, in- Charles Shifter County were: Katherine D. persons having claims or demands against ~bout marriage? The writer of stead of Monday evening, at the~ parsonage. Paul Bgen, Sr. Sara L. Biddle, Mrs. A. C. Ehrhart the estate of the decedent are requested to Genesis declares, "And Jehovah God Members are requested to bring ~eir Thank- NOVEMBER 4th-- Lucy Eisenhauer, Thomas O. Offering. The subject is "Ecclesia Plant- make known the same, and all persot~ in- ~lqtd. It isl not good that the man ands". Leader, Mrs. John O. Diehl. Raymond Dersham er, Hilda M. Jolly, Helen M. debted to the said decedent to make pay- ment without delay. MARSHALL W. should be alone: I will make him a Ladies' Aid Society meets on Tuesday at , Edna Mac Grove Arla Klingler, M. F. Nimkoff, STEE.RE, Mifflinburg, Penna., Administrator. help mate for him." The purpose of 7:84). at the home of Mrs. Charles M. Sny- Robert Lee Guyer C. Oliver, Paul D. Peters, Mrs. der. ADMINI~I'PAkTOR'8 NOTICE ~he creation of to be a help mate for Catechetical class and Children of the NOVEMBER 5th-- caner S. Ruhl, Mrs. Harry Notice is hereby given that letters of ad- man. Jesus in speaking of the mar- Church meeting on Wednesday at 4:00 P M.William Ruhl ton, Mrs. Emma A. Walters, Ralph ministration have been granted by the Reg- Midweek Prayerserv!ce on Wedne'~day later of Wills of Union Count~, Pennsyl- ~tal relation, declared, "What there- evening. Mrs. Joseph Neid M. Reish, A. J. Stefun, Rev. L. vania, upon the estate of Catherine Musser, fore God hath joined together let Church Council meeting on Thursday, at Lester E. Johnson Wilson, and A. L. Gillett. late of Mifflinburg. Union County, Penn- not man put asunder." Jesus reco- 8:00 P. M., at the parsonage. Mrs. Robert Roush sylvania, deceased, to the undersigned, and ~[~VED all persons having claims or demands against ,~nized the martial bonds-- that of ----'~ -- the estate of the said decedent are requested ~dultery. MEN'S DAY O NUTRITION CLASS TO to make known the same and all persons m- "The 'joining together' of which AT EVANGELICAL CHURC~ COMPLETE WORK, NOV. 4 debted to the said decedent to make pay- .Tesus spoke was a figure derivedMen's Day was observed in St. The Nutrition Class of which Mrs ment without delay to RAY W. MUSSER. Administrator. 97 East Chestnut Street, from the yoking of a pair of cattle Paul's Evangelical Church, Mifflin- Harold Hummel is teacher, will com- Mifflinburg, Penna. ~rl the harvest field: but this yoking I:urg. Sunday with the following pro- plete their study course on Wednes- CARD OF THANKS w~s not like the chain of a prisoner gram: Prelude by the church or-day, November 4th with an examin- We wish to express our sincere or the badge of a slave. It was the ganist, Mrs. Cloyd Mark, followedat]on. The following persons corn- thanks and appreciation to neigh- union of two lives so thai each might by thecongregation singing "My pleting the course, presented Mrs. bvrs and friends for their many acts gull the better. The yoke of marri- Savior's Love," and "Yield Not To Hummel with a gift of appreciation of kindness and expressions of sym- t~ge is not a punishment, but a help. Temptation." Prayer was offered 1V_rs. Glenn Stevens,~ Mrs. Bruce pathy extended us during the illness Tt distributes the strain: it evens the by Prof. T. M. Musser. The male Bidlack, Mrs. Paul Halfpenny, Mrs. and death of our loved one. We es- load. so that two c,nn do with ease chorus composed of Prof. T. M. Muss- Clyde Miller, Mrs. Stanley Shepherd, pecially wish to thank those who~whst both could not have done if er, Rev. N. J. Dubs, Ctoyd Mark and Mrs. Harry Katherman and Mrs. supplied automobiles for the funeral each had pulled alone" (Francis G. John Throssel, sang two numbers.Roy Stahl. ]~a~ ~.~e~.~ ~M~S and those who sent the beautifulPeabody). The Sunday School lesson was floral tributes. Two people, man and woman, who tz, ught by Rev. C. D. Pewterbaugh, :-'~- -'- -- - ........ Seth Ziramerman and Family. enter into life-long relationship, with pastor of the church. The secretary 'the idea predominant in their minds reported 64 men and 80 women. Rev. m n .... ond hearts of working together for F. H. Sanders, superintendent of the ......... the good of the other can be satis- Evangelical Homes in Lewisburg was PENNSYLVANIA LUMBER FOR fled that their marriage will be a the speaker. In his sermon to theWe have it--- I NNSYLVANIA HOMES Anniversary Stories success It is when one of the part- men "On God Touched Men." He ners enters the partnership with stressed the need of consecration,Lap Siding 6 in. -- White ~ Flooring 4 in. x "//8 in. ~ ' ][k)ofers 6 In. x '//8 In. thick. ~ Germml Sklh~ and Pictures in the idea of getting all possible and concentration and cooperation on the n & B Flooring, O~llll~r, Y~Ilow l~lne & Whll~ ]Pi~e '1'rim Book Form giving as little as possible that ~ail- part of the members of the church,(Xa_N~ S&(] G&~In M;aok--~ l~a__&,~ ure is sure. if the kingdom of God was to reach A lawyer at Reno, as quoted in its highest goal. FRAMES - DOORS - SASH - PORCH FLOORING All the stories and pictures, The American Magazine, declared ~t FULL LINE OF INsoLrI~ IN 8~N)O~. 150,000 ft. Hemlock plus several new pictures, that the matter of broken marriages S. S. CLASS MEETS YARD RT. '}5 - WEST OF MIFFLINBLIRG which appeared in last week's goes back to the early training of the WITH MRS. JAMES REBElt Post Office - MILLMONT, PA. issue of the Telegraph, per- individuals concerned. If both of the The B. B. Sunday School Class ofTel. 6-$~S contracting parties have been brou- the Methodist Church held their reg- ~,~ .................... tailing to the 150th Anniver- ght up with a proper sense of their ular meeting at the home of Mrs. sary Celebration. have been responsibility to others--to do their .Tames Reber, Mifflinburg, R. D., on best, to be considerate and kind in October 15. The next meeting will printed in book form and can their dealings with others--thelr be held on November 2 at the home The World's News Seen Through be purchased from the Girl marriage will be successful, of Mrs. E. J. Withers. THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR Scouts, at Laney's 5 and 10c But, if one of the parties is selfish I~ store, Koon's Store, Mifflin- ~nd inconsiderate, that marriage is MRS. REITZ TO SPEAK IN An International Daily Newspaper bur,q Hardware and at the beaded for the rocks, for, more than LUTHERAN CHURCH, SUN. EVE. is Truthful--Constructive--Unbiased---Free f~m Semat~oaal- Mifflinburg Telegraph office, any other kind of bargain, the mar- Mrs. Maynard Reitz of Winfield, ism---Editorials Are Timely and Instructive and Its Daily riage bargain needs two to make it ccuntv president of the WCTU, willFeatures, Together with the Weekly Magazine Section, Make Marl orders must be sent to a success, give a report of the state conven- the Monitor an Ideal Newspaper for the Home. The Mifflinburg Telegraph. Another cause of trouble is the tmn held at Uniontown in October ............................................................ Printed on a good grade of hasty and impulsive marriage . .in the Lutheran Church of Mifflin: The Christian Science Publishing Sociew "Divorce is becoming easy and com- burg, Sunday evening, November 1. One, Norway Street, Boston, Ma~achusett~ coated paper the pictures show mon--so easy and~ so cbmmon thatThis is a union service to which the Price $12.00 Yearly, or $I.00 a Month. considerably more detail than people plunge into marriage, know- public is invited. Saturday Issue, including Magazine Section, $2.60 a Year. on news print. The book will ing that if they don't like what they ~_ Introductory Offer, 6 Saturday Issues 25 Cents. gel they can back out through the HALLOWE'EN SOCIAL Name ......................................................... be a prized possession in years divorce, plunge into another marri- Approximately 40 were in attend- to come. Price 25c. age, and are on their way to anoth- ance at the Hallowe'en Social spon- Add,'e~s ...................................................... er divorce." sored by the Christian Endeavor So- SAMPLE COPY ON REQUEST " "~" ........... The Christian should enter into ciety of the Mifflinburg Presbyterian Safei "reverently discreetly, ad-, Church on evening in the