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Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania
November 26, 1942     Mifflinburg Telegraph
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November 26, 1942

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The Mffflinburg Telegraph, Mffflinburg, Penna.. Thurmtay. November 26.. 1942" + ' + " ...... i .... -~= ~'- ---- ~" perches (S. 89:~ West 25.4 P.) to a point I~- .... - .......... =-= Jn i ~ at I | mm | ] in the southern line of the right of wzty of [ d~tm .it f'~z~t ~ArF ~,7~ lr~ TP~ ~Trrti~ rJF/~, i~ S-S A~ b- | b- I ] the Lewisburg and Tyrone Railroad Com-|- NI~Qh~[~I ~..#~.JlVllIY~Jr ~V~IY 1 ~ .f~l~a~ I~ I~ lli . [ m M. i thePanYrlghtthenCeof alongway .ftheorS:ida'dSU th~nnort slivne-~fy | i~~U I ........... - ..... - .... -- ........................ Rate -- Icso word, mmimum ~," [ five and one half degre,-~ east four perches I ~ SATURDAY EVENING, November Mr. and Mrs. William H, BensoA slightly used: Phone 6-3411 or inq~re of I htUa~dereadtthas ~t~)eZh~n :hNe" sToXutEer3"418ineP'o~f =i~ I John H. Tyson TUESDAY EVENING, December ter of Dr. and Mrs. Frank P. Boyer Mrs. Richaru rtoy. 43 Chestnut ~treoz, ] r~"ht of way and adjoining, Parcel Number | Glenn Trutt I the Athenaeum CILtb will meet at of Mifflinburg. F Miminburg ~ " " Mr and rs W Ra ................. I One above mentmned ; thence bv the western [ Sara Valent|ne the home of Mrs. J. Fred Klose, West . . M . . . y Sauers of R. Mahogany Library Table. One Telephone [ ,92.86) as' per survey of Calvin M. Hayes, / ChartesHemenway : - J P - ~ ..... g " Tahle and Chair. Sewing Machme. One October twenty-third. 1917: it being I irene l~orman ,,ram. ~"~I'r .... : Davenport. Old Revol~tiona.ry Gun. Deac ] the same premises which Frank in M. Far- ~ Foster Bowersox WEDNESDAY EVENING, Decem- r. and Mrs. James B. Sauers of Brown, 526 Market St., Miffhnourg. Phone ] nest and Harriett S. Earnest. his wife, hy | Raymond Beck her 2 the Woman's Society of Chris- Mifflinburg will .observe the thtr- 6-4251. tche~ed(len~ dha:e(LJarn~arry ~)e~cUed' :}1~'n ~en/ Oscar Catherman tian Service will meet in the Miff- teenth anniversary of their marrt. ; FOR SALE---Couch, Library table, 6 chairs, ] County in Deed Book "UU" at page 484. [ Arthur Blyler linburg Methodist Church. Officers age on Saturday, November 28. and ma other articles too numer t IFF RG BUGGY " " dishes md i c. . - ] conve~v,'d un o the M LINBU " ' / Donald Edward Atkey \vfll be elected at this t~me. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lenhart of ous to mention. 85 East Chestnut Street. COMP kNY now the MIFFLINBURG BODY ' " " [ NOVEMBER 30th-- FRIDAY EVENING December .t Mfffhnburg will observe the twenty- FO~~ltff~vy ~!PAnp~c:e!!eer{:tterdctcU~a~h~r~dat:i:t!l~!!l Le~ateErRbuh| ~3il~lntl:~et~:d ~thethew~:~ln~thelPr se~Mit~dO~i;~or~:m{bt~e:l~0marl~ : F--ORSALE---Single Dwelling, all convert- a t~o story frame building us~ for storage ] Oliver Meek Missionary Society will be held in . s. es ey H. Brou~e of ienees, newly l~intt~l, does not need any ] and as a silk mill, also an iron clad storage { Lois Warburton the soctal, rooms of the Mfffhnburg Lewlsburg, R. D., .will observe the :; , repairs, large barn, goal l o~tion0 u~r building, together with dry kilns, lumber | Mrs. Bernard Burgess Presbyterian Church. twenty-etghth anniversary of the~ IXmt o~ee, No. 417 Wamu~ ~tree~, re.In- sheds including railroad sidings in which [ ~-..~-~ ~-~*~- ~--,~,,~---- -~-~----~,~- ~ ,., marria~,e on Wednesda- December i 'linburg, Pa. Price $8,500.00. Inquire Of|arc contained the necessary engines, boilers, | ~uw.~zu.~t~_ -- . ~1 tgJ~t~,%x, L~x..~.~t~r,'~ O o ~ ~ Cyril F. Runkle, Middleburg, Penna., Tel-~ newer plant tools and machinery used in ~ benjamin ~. ~namoers, Jr. Woman's Society of the Methodist ~" [ "~--~-_AV -- | parcel of lot of ground situate onthe ~outh i Mrs. Harry Haney Mrs. A. H. Swanger has returned tie will spend his leave at his home :( L' Jr~J~21L~ [ side of Walnut Street, between ~n~ru an.u ~ Wilma Kester ~, ~. ~o .~ ur~ c~-~nut Street in Salem Me Due to a ~l-r~ ~n r ~ Fourth Street bounded on the nortn oy wal- I , ~'~ '" ................ "" ..... "~. ~ ' " . ~ ..... ! TORS NOTICE Geor e Sterhng ~ fusio l ADMIN STRA . . ] nut Street on the east by lots of Ralph i g from the Geisinger Memorial Heapt- n on the right lung, he will not m~;::~f ti~i :~:e~:b~e ~Ye~lr! [ ~oht:{~u~har:dy/~D!lSytG~nS! f&~ .~tt~~ RInhbtac~. i DECEMrBL~:S~iiisCl~ue[I a~cDan:gllt~e:thernet?hHe~rP:ontdat ~oeek !!teib~etd mikaetltvhe t;niP l~:nn~yi~t~ :: [ van|a, upon the estate of C .. rui~t Penn'] having a width Or frontage" on Walnu{ ! - __ i reported to be improving. [ . t exp' ~tion of furlough be:: , late of Mifflinburg: Union ~o . y, ':[ Street and on sa~d alley of forty (40) feet, I Harold I~ker ] Mrs. Sara Bib~ghaus, who is a Iwill return to the hospital, to await ~" sylvania, deceased, tO the unaerstgnea, .ana/ and a depth of one hundred and twenty six i l~th~l Zimmerman I __.,__. :_ .~_ ,~^:~ .... t~.~it~ t ~i.,~., ,^ n,,.. It all preens having claims or demands agama: | 1126~ feet and whereon is a two story I Da~'id Ktin man 87 ears , lmtte,t .t t.e ~ ...... ~ ............ I ................."2~" ~he estate o~2et~aidadTe2e~ta~lr~rseqo~ses~ed frame dwelling and outbuildings; it being [ - ~vg~ize , Y Danville, is reported to be lmprov-! -- ~---~--~---------- ' :' to make kno ...... " ] the same premises which Catherine Savilla B. [ Mar~orle ~w Iing. - Try uur uommercial Printing - debt~! to the saiu aeee~ ~ m~essl~: I Kreisher by her deed dated April third. A. | Mrs William Krouse twin ~ ~ "- t ...................... ~'-~-'NNO-~CE-~ I BODY C'OMPANY " J gei;h Schnure I ]t :'merit and these having claims to present the I .." io " Robert'S Cute "us and I aura " = " ~ " i ' ~ .......... U~ Execs [ n', w re. ano . ' , : . I tO $110 47 This amount was divided [ [ ~ :: | same wltnou~ nemy to ~x ~ on, " I ] C. ,t~H.~ h ~ wife b , the r u~eu uated ' " " . ..... I I :~ for 12 West Madison Street, Baltimore I ~fn~'m'b~r";wen~,, sixth 1903 recorded ~n the l into thr~e equal par~s ,one-~mra to I ~ [ Ms' land or to his attorney DAVID I,. ~ , ~ ....... ,. ~ ...... r~ , "~ ' "'i-flin-ur | Recorders Office of Umon Coonty Pennsyl- [ the ( wl Scouts one-third to the Boy * [ ~- ~ ~ ~ ~ I ~/i:O~PAA~ D~nooedth}:e~iM~F~NBN~B~UfJ~B~,~ I ~l oa~l%ec~l~:ehtrd to the Local I J~~L~ [ / ~ t~ ~revirgequ~:edst~ma~' Pnavme'nt':ndi in and to the same and ev,ry ~rt th.reof: [net week according to local civilian ~"'~~.P~-f: C~~ ~]:~ ~.~, ............... ~ ~e P-"nVE ~'~ | The above property will be knocked down / defense officials ~. x,~v_/~--:~----~ w.t~u., uvm~ ~ ..........~ 61' E" ~n parcels or as a whole to the highest hid- " v ~ g ~ / C~estnut Street, ROY R. GROV -i ~er f---- and clear -'-' llen .... encumb I For a number o years past the i ~" ~ ~d]l~ ~ CLe*tnut Street Executors Mtfflmburg P. ' " for ....... /rances. / her capita consumption of meat ~ ~ .~1 LF_ AL | I theuP s t dTad. e i v ragt he acboUte143" m t/Or :_.. --------------'~LICS-~~l is knocked down and the balance upon con-| ' Y " . II I I [~r~[:t~br~ ----TE / flre~atin of this ~ale and delivery of the | t]on program each adult is allowed U U I .......... : : ; By o~r of the United States District] MILLER ALANSON JOHNSON, ' / Within the near future women TOU ~ * 4~ ,4~ :i: Court for the Middle District of Pennsyl-| Attorney. | ~. mm~..~... ~1111 II --~.~-- ranis dated the Ninth day of November,1 ~| known as "Victory Aides" will leave CHU|CI[~ ~.~D~J~TG~J~ ..... F-~LIN " - | ..... II iT ll l I ,--~. 1942 W. F DOBSON Trustee ox ~11 r -/ R~N~ ~ ~w~r~ at earn nome a pamphlet explain- ~ ~ ~ ~ : BURG BODY COMPANY, Bankrupt fll .... i h ~:; ....... i the eof~'[ ~ [ tng meat conservatmn and wh c ~ ~Lt /f'~_.~ .... ]~se to puonc sale, on the prem sea r , . | . , . : all Of the Real Palate of the MIFFI,IN-/ Mack Rlne, a member of the l wlll pre~sent voluntary rattonlng ~ ,~l~e.~]/_~~~ BURG BODY COMPANY Bankrupt mclod Freshman C] nbur , . ' :] ' ass of the Miffli g l ideas and menus. Also included is a ~~]_~/~.~. "-'~]~ ing. all I~nd, Buildings:_ Machinery y2~| Nigh SChool has resumed his studies ] chart on which meat purchases can \ ~i~~~-~" /1~, ~;i eqmpme~t nelonglng to salu Mtrrl~l~l~oi~.L,| . .. ' -- -- - a t - - -- dav - -- ~ ~.~IIII~ " X-'~.. 1111 ~: BODY COMPANY. on M..o~&Ycltochl~ p?h~lr-/ IOltOWlng an absence clue tOan c- De enterea oy a~ty. ~XlrJ,~"- ~l" ..a ". P",.~.~lllh tieth day of November, at : ' : .. i rid, nt which confined him to the [ \\\ ".. . de*crtbed as follows : Real Estate situate in [ ~ l O ~ n in - ~ : .~. .............. n ..... h of Mifflin-i ho.,o|tal for several weeks. - Try Our C mmercla Pri t g \\~/~.~J~[~--.~. ] .~.~// b'urg"U~ion%ounty"Pen'~n~ylx~ania to wit" ! ~ "'' ...... "'" --" 'el r lot COMMISSIONER8 SALE OF LANDS PURCHASED AT ~---""~~~'~ oZ~O. I:ALtL ~:n~:~rm~tnaPd~rcf E~ghth TREASURER'S SEATED TAX SALE AUGUST S, 1940 _~:.. " ~tr~un~ ~udatWest Ward of Mifflinburg Pursuant to the provisions of the Act of the General Assembly of P .... ytvania up- |~~.J.~..~..-~ ] bounded and described as follows viz" Be'- proved the 20th day of June, A. D., 1939 and its several tlmendments and dupplements the |~'(~'a:~f~'a~'*'a~;~-----.f~,M"" i inn| at the southeast corner at a'po;nt undersigned Commissioners of Union County. Pennsylvania. will sell at Public-Sale by ~ "'* ~.l ~.~t~/~jT*-~**, | g ~ng ............. ~'~n-- ~'" outcry at the County Court House in Lewi~hurg Borough, Union County Penndylvania on | [ .,~,~-~*~ n :~ on the west ~lue OI /~lgn~n ~reet, vu~ ~ uy lrANU&I~v ~ t~ ' fl I " It : tWenty nine and five tenths perches (N.' 86t~ ep W. 29.5 P) to a point; thence by ,arcel Number Three hereinafter described, North four degrem cut five and eight tenths perch- tm (N. 4 E. 5.8 P.) to the southern line of the right of way of the Lewisburg & Ty- rone Railroad; thence along the southern of the tmld Railroad in an easterly .it- r~tion thirty three and two tenths perches (852) tO the ,west side of Eighth Street' thence by western line of Eighth ;gtre~t, three and seven ~i~rhths O,!~ *, ~ w~-~ one and one tenth perches ~S. 3~/s , ~l.1 P.) to the place of beg"nn,nt, con- two lem and sixty five perches, as of Calvin M. H~y~. made April and being the tame which James It. i by his deed dated April 1, 1911, re- in the R~eorder's Office of Union i ~nt~, in ~ Book "RR", lmge 377, eon- ~-,d unto the Mtffltnbnrg Body and G~mr Company. now the MIFFLINBURG BODY COMPANY, No. 2: Co:misting of all of those two certain lots of ground, Number four and in Smith's Addition to the Borough of Union County, Pennsylvania, bounded as a whole as follows: On the s~dm by Parcel Number One above the east by Eighth Street; on an Alley: and land of the Es- t~t~ of C. Whitmer, Susan M. Sand- and Horace W. Orwig and on the West land of Franklin M. Earnest and Parcel hree hereinafter mentioned contain- two acre*, more or leas; and being the premises which Isaac H. Kratzer and A. Ktatzer. his wife, b~, their deed first, A. D., 1917, recorded Office of Union County, Book "UId", at page 392, conveyed MIFFLINBURG BUGGY COM- now the MIFFLINBURG BODY All of that certain lot and parcel of ~ situate in the west ward of Miff- and described as follows: at the southeast corn- line of lands adjoining, be- One above de*ertbed; nine and three quarter five and four tenths M. H. Culp Co. N: C. F. DeRrick East Buffalo Township E: Lewisburg National Bank S: George Boop W : Public Road Frank Hall N: Creek Gregg Towtmhip E: Lawrence Shutt S: C. A. Brown W: H. P. Jam|son W. E. Robbitm N: State Land HartleY Township E: State Land S: ~tate Land W: State Land George Kreesher E~tate N: State Land Hartley Township E: Johnson Estate S: Pennsylvania Railroad W: Augustus Korton Raym.ortd Htllshoe N: State Land Hartley Township E: State Land S: State Land W: State Land Buffalo Gap Camp N: Hartley Tow~nship E: 8: W: William Weary Estate N: Kelly Township E: S: W: Caroline Moyer E~tata N: Church Alley New Berlin Borough E: M. G. Maurer S: Front Street W : James Neiman Estate George ~. Bright N: H. C. Havilan(1 Union Township E: River Front S: W: B, H. Stannert N: Union Township E: S: W: Terms of Sale : The whole of the purchase money of each tract shall be ]paid cash when the property is stricken down. Millard G. Reedy Thomas G. Vonada Avdrew J. Kelly Commissioners of Union County Photoengraving * Designing * Printing l~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The World's News Seen Through THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR An International Daily Newspaper |s Truthful---Constructive---Unbiased--Free from Sensational- htm----Editoriab" Are Timely and Instrm:tivg and It~ Daily Featuret, Together with the Weekly Magazine S~t~on, Mmke the Monitor an Ideal Newspaper for the Home. o ........................................... - ........ .-.*... The Christian Science Publishing Soci~w O~e, Norway Strut, Boston, Massachusetts Price $12.00 Yearly, or $1.00 a Month. 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